Lou Dog Secret Society Membership

Lou Dog Secret Society Membership


We love beer. When you plan and host craft beer festivals for a living, it’s hard not to. One of our favorite things about beer is the community that centers around it. It’s a community that’s given so much to us over the years as we’ve planned more than 50 beer festivals all over the great state of Illinois.

We created the Lou Dog Secret Society as a way to give back to those beer fans who have supported us over the years, while contributing further to the beer community that we love so much. Members pay an annual fee of $60 to be part of the society, all of which goes right back into building killer beer festivals, and in return they get access to discounts and some of the coolest beer experiences in Chicago. Here's what's included in your membership:

Discounts To All Lou Dog Festivals
Members get $10 off of all participating Lou Dog festivals, including Chicago Ale Fest winter and summer, Naperville Ale Fest winter and summer, BeerHoptacular, Brew Year’s Eve, Ballpark Ale  Fest.

Exclusive “Members Only” Sections
Access to the Lou Dog Lounge “members only” section at each festival which will include beer so special, we can’t publish their names here. Here’s a hint — we’ll be tapping something that rhymes with schmurban schmounty prayer.

Bottles Of Exclusive Collaboration Beers
We tried to make our own beer, but we're not that good at it. instead we’re partnering with some of chicago's best breweries to create custom recipes, which we’ll brew and bottle and make available only to secret society members for $1 each. Why $1? Take it up with the Illinois Liquor Control Commission.

Your Face On A Beer Label
For each of our secret society collaboration beers, we’ll choose a random society member to join us on the brew day. and, as if that wasn’t enough - the winner’s likeness will be immortalized on the bottle label by chicago comic artist, Daniel Warren Johnson. Imagine, a beer you helped brew with your face on the label. A true collectors item.

Secret Society Identification
A secret society isn’t a secret society without some form or clandestine identification, right? Members will get a membership card, membership number and exclusive enamel pin that will give you access to some cool stuff. “Show your pin, come right in” 

Pop Up Parties
Each bottle release will be kicked off with a private, members-only party. Well, member’s guests can come too. there will be a ton of beer, food and other fun stuff. we can’t say much more. It’s a secret society after all, there have to be some secrets.

Discounts To Lou Dog Partner Fests
When we’re not hosting our own festivals, lou dog events helps breweries, organizations and neighborhoods host their own fests. Members of the secret society will get $5 off these fests, as well as be given early access to tickets. 

Other Weird Stuff
In our day-to-day business of planning and hosting beer festivals, we come across a lot of cool stuff. whether it’s merch, exclusive events, or random beer tastings, we’ll be giving away random things to secret society members on a regular basis.

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